Jeremy Seabrook

 Jeremy Seabrook is an author and journalist specialising in social, environmental and development issues


Current Work

In 2013-2014, I am publishing three books:

First, the second edition of The Refuge and the Fortress, Britain and the Persecuted 1933 – 2013, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

This book was launched on June 3rd at the House of Lords, at a reception for the Council for Assistance to Refugee Academics (CARA, who commissioned the book), hosted by Lord Patel of Bradford. The stories of academic refugees have been updated, and there is also an account of the far-reaching influence of those who arrived in England as refugees from Nazi Germany. More>>

Secondly, PAUPERLAND, Poverty and the Poor in Britain, is published by Hurst in the autumn of 2013. 

This book looks at the historic roots of attitudes towards the poor, and seeks to explain contemporary responses to poverty. It looks at the development of the Poor Law from the sixteenth century to the ‘reforms’ of 1834, which illuminates present-day reactions to the poor, both popular and official. It draws on legislation, commentators, writers, observers, philanthropists and politicians of each period. It shows how much of our current debate is like listening to voices from beyond the grave, since no remedy for poverty proposed by recent governments has not already been tested and tried (and usually failed) in the past, even the distant past.

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Third, THE SONG OF THE SHIRT, is to be published at the end of the year by Navayana in New Delhi.

Following the disaster in the garment factories of Rana Plaza in Dhaka in April 2013, the book examines the process of the industrialisation of Bangladesh, in the wake of the de-industrialisation of the textile-based industries of Lancashire.


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